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Lutheran Counseling Services has a long history of responding to community crisis and disasters locally and nationally. The financial resources in the LCS Crisis Care Fund are available at this for those affected by the recent Orlando tragedies.

This fund provides for the following services:

  • Professional crisis counseling and outpatient mental health services for individuals, couples and families involved in crisis 
    • 3 free counseling sessions will be offered as funds are available
  • Training and Debriefings for caregivers to meet the needs of victims and survivors
  • Production of educational materials following crisis and tragedy

With these funds LCS will be able to continue to respond to crisis and disasters.


donationYou can support the Crisis Care Fund in three ways:

  1. Send a check to the following address: 1505 Orchid Ave Winter Park, FL 32789. Checks should be addressed to Lutheran Counseling Services with Crisis Care Fund notated in the memo.
  2. Call our office to make a donation over the phone.
  3. You can donate online by clicking the following link.

    Donate Now



Providing Helps for Those who Care

Lutheran Counseling Services, through the Crisis Care Fund, seeks to provide materials to assist for those who are providing care to individuals in crisis.


Leading a Group Debriefing


Talking with Children about Crisis


Phases of Disaster