Matthew holds a Masters Degree in Philosophy from the University of South Florida, as well as a Masters Degree in Counseling from Covenant Theological Seminary. Matthew is also a Certified Christian Conciliator through the Institute for Christian Conciliation, a branch of Peacemaker Ministries. He has worked extensively in traditional counseling settings, as well as mediation/intensive formats. Matthew also has worked with inmates in the Saint Louis County Jail who struggle with substance abuse, criminal behavior and past abuse.

Matthew’s specialization areas include conflict resolution, deep story work, relational struggles in marriage and family, past trauma, addictions (substance and sexual), verbal abuse, power imbalances, personality disorders, gender issues, anger, anxiety, bullying, career issues, depression, self esteem, thought issues and spiritual. Matthew works both in person and via Skype/online video meeting, for those clients who are not local or may struggle with transportation.