Understanding Your Child

Join Megan Miessler, Director of Programs at Lutheran Counseling Services, as she hosts a 6 part series focused on parenting. Megan Miessler runs the School Counseling Ministry at Lutheran Counseling Services and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.
1. Parenting for the Future not the Present – January 27, 2017
2. Anxiety in Children – February 17, 2017
3. Developmental Milestones in Children – March 10, 2017
4. How to Encourage Independent Behavior  – April 7, 2017
5. Understanding Your Child’s Brain – April 28, 2017
6. Why Structure is so Important – May 19, 2017

All of the webinars will take place at 12:30PM. If you miss a webinar you can view a recording of the webinar on this page immediately following the webinar. We hope you find this educational opportunity helpful for you and your family.


Matthew Antolick
Sharon Darin
Kolby Nance
Abby Wirick

Meet our 2016-2017 School Interns

November 2, 2016

Written By: Megan Miessler

Fall is here, which in our school campuses usually means the end of the first quarter. Many students are receiving report cards and parents have scheduled their Parent-Teacher Conferences. Yes, anxiety is high. Students have formed new friendships and we can all conclude that we are well adjusted to the school routine again.

Our School Counselors have also begun to settle in and find their routine on our six school campuses. I wanted to take this time to introduce you to each one of them.

Matthew Antolick: Matthew currently resides in Lakeland, FL with his wife and young son. He is serving at Trinity Kissimmee and Lake Forrest Prep throughout the week. Matthew focuses on conflict resolution, deep story work, relational struggles in marriage and family, past trauma, addictions (substance and sexual), verbal abuse, power imbalances, personality disorders, gender issues, anger, anxiety, bullying, career issues, depression, self esteem, thought issues and spiritual. We are blessed to have him as part of our team


Sharon Darin: Sharon is beginning her second year at LCS and in our School Counseling Ministry. Sharon currently serves at The Christ School in Downtown Orlando. Sharon is passionate about partnering with her clients to find balance and wholeness in their lives and she focuses on anxiety, depression, grief, self-harm and relationship and self-esteem concerns. Sharon lives in Orlando with her husband. She has two grown sons that she is excited to see when they stop in during breaks and vacations from college. Sharon has been a great asset to LCS as she shares her gifts with our community.


Kolby Nance: Kolby lives in Oviedo, FL with his wife and two small children. Kolby is currently serving at St. Luke’s in Oviedo and Holy Cross Upper Campus in Lake Mary. Kolby believes that we all live in a story that is shaped by our relationships and experiences and that by sharing our story and allowing others to participate in it, we can move toward healing and freedom. Kolby’s energy and passion for assisting students and families is evident by all he meets.


Abby Wirick: We have been blessed this year to add Abby to our staff. She lives on the West Side of town with her husband and two teenage children. Abby is currently serving at Trinity Lutheran in Downtown Orlando and on the Lower Campus of Holy Cross in Sanford, FL. Abby likes to use art and play therapy and mindfulness techniques to help to her clients process pain, trauma, and abuse.


Each one of our School Counselors brings a unique set of gifts, life experience, and faith perspective to the counseling setting. We have been blessed to add them to our team as our School Counseling Ministry continues to grow.