One size does NOT fit all

One size does NOT fit all

I was reminded of this truth back in October when I bought some tights for my Halloween costume. I was dressing up as a witch and wanted to have some striped stockings to wear. As I pulled the stockings on, I was quickly reminded how my big frame and long legs do not always fit in everything. One size does NOT fit all!

Not only is this true for clothes or stockings, it is also true for much in the work that I do every day. One size does NOT fit all. Depression, anxiety, focus and so many other things look different on everybody. What we see on the outside -  a smile, a friendly chuckle or maybe even a teardrop - does not always mean the same thing for everybody. The same is true as we struggle through dark times: one size does NOT fit all when it comes to what we need to lift us up or to calm us down.

No, one size does NOT fit all. We have to dig a little deeper. Yes, ask a couple more questions to really understand what’s taking place with the people around us. We have to push past the smile, the chuckle, and even the teardrop to seek to understand how another person feels and what it is that they need.

One size does NOT fit all. And our response to people should not be the same as we encounter them throughout the day. We need to bend, twist and be flexible in our interactions. And we just need to ask a few more questions.

So, if you are struggling like I was pulling up those one-size-fits-all tights that I eventually cut into individual stockings, don’t worry. It is not true - one size does NOT fit all. God calls different people into different things. He places in us different desires and different needs. But the truth that stays consistent, at least for me in my life, is that my God fits ALL people.