Make an Impact

Make an Impact

There are days and moments in life where I feel like I am just cruising, letting my routine and daily schedule take the lead. Have you had those moments? It’s that feeling when you ask someone the date and then question, where did April go?

I can get stuck there, in cruise control, for a bit. Then there is something that pulls me back, helps me gain perspective.

That happened again last week. If you haven’t heard, our esteemed director, Rick Armstrong, is retiring and last week we got to celebrate him.

We gathered with over 120 people to celebrate his ministry. And oh, what a celebration it was! We got to hear about the impact that Rick has had on thousands of people through his ministry as a Pastor, Therapist, Friend, Father, Grandfather and son. Here are just some of the words that were shared throughout the evening.

President Greg Walton: “Rick’s words to me as I took office in the Florida- Georgia District were to remember not to own other people’s problems...when I am able to remember that advice, I am more effective.” Greg went on to share a popular song that he had edited for Rick, “Don’t you own their problems, let it be.”

Eddie Taubensee: “He has really exhibited what a Godly man is and how to shepherd the church.......and now I get to shepherd the church and it was because of examples like you, Rick. Through your mentoring you are making an impact on the world of professional sports.”

Rene Taubensee: “Then he handed me this little book and said I want you to read this before you come was the Gospel Message. That was the first time I ever read the Gospel message and it was the first time I accepted Christ as my Savior.”

Jim Mallue: “Rick said to me, Jim, I just don’t want to play church...Rick would be a guy to say, what about the great commission? What about go ye therefore and do something? Rick challenged our congregation in Grace St. Pete to be faithful to the great commission.”

Erin Hoyer: “You are a Pastor to the Pastors...I am grateful for the way you have been there for my husband and me in the midst of tragedy this year.”

Rick has made an impact. Those he has impacted with his ministry, his presence, have carried on that impact in the ways they serve.

So for me, when I hear these moments of ministry, of impact, I kick out of cruise control and into an awareness that there is work to do. God has plans for all of us.

Are you ready to make an impact?