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Diana Griffith, MA

Diana Griffith, MA

Diana recently graduated with her Master’s of Social Work from Tulane University. She is transitioning careers after owning her own business working as a branding and digital marketing coach for small businesses. Through her work as a business coach, she helped clients deal with transitions, planning, and confidence in building their own businesses. She hopes to bring that knowledge to her work as a social worker and in the mental health field. Diana aims to empower her clients with a strengths-based approach and find what is unique to each individual. She also considers each person and the environment they exist in and sees that's an important part in understanding each person’s challenges, strengths, and goals.  

Diana enjoys creativity and paints abstract art in her free time. She has advocated in the community for the importance of arts and creative expression and how it relates to mental health. She also enjoys time to connect to nature as a way to refresh and recharge.