Are you changing?

This weekend my Pastor shared this meme in his sermon and challenged us to look at how we are different, how we have changed. The better question might be if we have changed……because, after all, we are supposed to change.

God calls us to change. He did not create us to stay the same. Just look at the caterpillar. He was created to blossom into a beautiful butterfly. We too are created to grow and develop.

Growth happens slowly and through times of transitions. Transitions occur in everyone’s life, and often they are not easy. Transition is essential yet painful. In the work that we do, we get to be part of these transitional stories in individual’s lives. Thousands of caterpillars have walked into this office on their way to becoming butterflies. They come here because during their transformation they need support, grace, objectivity, guidance, and someone to walk with them in their difficult times. I would like to share that each caterpillar that comes here transforms into a butterfly, but we don’t always get to see the full transformation. What I do know is that God has placed us here to be part of transitional and transformational times.

LCS has transitioned as well. God has chosen to spread our services throughout Florida and beyond. In the last several years, we have been able to transform into a counseling center that services missionaries around the world, assists with church workers and their families, responds to disasters throughout our country and gives care to all who seek assistance. Our wings have spread wide, but we also remain attuned to each intricate story of transition that enters our doors. LCS continues to transform into a place where people seek God’s abundant healing.

We are supposed to change; we are called to grow. Every story of transition brings about transformation. You are part of the transformation that takes place here at LCS! Thank you for your financial and spiritual support for those we serve and for our staff that works to assist those in transition. We are blessed to be a part of thousands of transformational stories, and to provide a place where people find healing and comfort as they change and grow.