LCS's Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

Motivated by the grace of God, our mission is to support the emotional and spiritual health needs of our Central Florida community and reduce barriers to mental health resources.

We are in a place we have never been before as we cope with the impact of COVID-19. Some compare it to the days before a hurricane, but without a storm track that tells us when this storm will pass. To support our community during these difficult days, LCS is offering online and phone sessions, free virtual support groups and resources to help teachers and parents navigate this challenging time. Find out more about these groups and resources below.

In these uncertain times, you might find yourself clinging tightly to what you perceive to be comfortable and safe.

These days are different and confusing, unpredictable, even frustrating.

Have you been able to keep your mind off of the Coronavirus this week? Or has it been like a train, running out of control, into places of despair?