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What We Do

Assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Evaluation Services By LCS

We now offer the ADOS-II, the gold-standard of autism assessment, for children (ages 4 and above), teens, and adults!

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disability that impacts how a person relates to others, processes information, and experiences the world. Many people with autism lead healthy, happy lives, and knowing they have autism can open up opportunities for support, services, and connections. 

How our services work:

  • Contact LCS (call 407-644-4692 or for a brief screening to see if you or your child may benefit from this service
  • You will complete forms about you/your child’s developmental history, physical and mental health, and a brief teacher form (for school-age children).
  • Dr. Lindsay Kozachuk will meet with you for a clinical interview to learn more about your child’s development and behaviors.
  • Dr. Kozachuk will conduct the ADOS-II, an activity-based assessment with your child to see and learn more about signs that may pull your child closer to, or further from a possible autism diagnosis.

Finally, Dr. Kozachuk will meet with you again to discuss the results of the paperwork, interview, and ADOS-II with you. She will then compile a comprehensive report based on the findings that include recommendations based on your child’s strengths and needs.