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Church Worker Assessments

Lutheran Counseling Services at this point has contracts with five denominations to provide psychological assessments for candidates for ministry - ELCA, PCUSA, UCC, DCC, GMC

Each denomination has its own set of requirements for the assessment process. As you click on your denomination below, you will see that the process includes filling out forms (Personal Data Information and Autobiographical Information) and completing an online assessment. The final piece is an assessment interview (usually done virtually) where all the information is reviewed with the candidate and observations and recommendations are shared. LCS then sends a written report to the denomination committee or individuals assigned who receive the report for their further candidate processes. The denominations and LCS have an agreed-upon fee for this process. The denomination owns the report, so LCS does not give copies of the report to the candidate. 

Due to the clinical schedules of our staff as well as the work and ministry schedules of candidates, it is important to allow four to six weeks for this process. Candidate's deadlines must be shared with LCS at the beginning.

Click on your denomination below to find out more details. 

For more information or to begin this process call our office (407-644-4692) or email or