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What We Do

Church Worker Assessments

DCC Candidates

DCC Candidates

1. Candidate or Church worker receives a referral from their Church body to contact LCS.

2. Candidate or Church worker contacts LCS - (407)644-4692 or

3. LCS emails the candidate the information on the required process and paperwork to be completed.

4. Candidate/Church worker schedules an appointment with LCS contracted psychologist.

5. Candidate completes the paperwork and returns it to LCS as soon as possible.

6. LCS sends links to further online assessments required. 

7. LCS schedules assessment interview appointment once the psychological assessments are scheduled and all forms and assessments are completed. 

8. LCS sends all completed reports to designated office in the denomination following the assessment interview.

9. Invoices are sent to those who are paying the fees. Prompt payment is appreciated and expected. 


Any questions about this process or to begin this process contact us at (407)644-4692 or