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#BeTheOne Challenge

Have you ever had a friend who, no matter what you say, you really can’t offend them? You can just allow your brain to throw out all the crazy things it’s thinking, and this friend isn’t fazed at all.

That chair, that morning time, those lines on the paper……they are my safe place.

In between an ending and a new beginning lies the wilderness - or at least that’s how I think of it. It is an adjustment period. It’s a time when we move from what was to what will be...

Ok, it’s not the sitting that is killing me, it’s the waiting. Waiting for life to get back to normal…and pondering the question of what this new normal will look like.

We are the ones in charge of how we view the world. We are the ones who choose which glasses to wear each day.

Everything just feels different right now. The weekends are different. Easter was different. Shopping is different. It is all just different.

Whatever your spiritual beliefs might be, you can know that good follows bad, endings lead to new beginnings.

In these uncertain times, you might find yourself clinging tightly to what you perceive to be comfortable and safe.

These days are different and confusing, unpredictable, even frustrating.

Have you been able to keep your mind off of the Coronavirus this week? Or has it been like a train, running out of control, into places of despair?

What would it look like in your life to have some unstructured time? To give yourself the freedom to explore and be creative?

So, my commitment has been to do my drive to work each morning in silence. No radio, no podcast, no phone distractions…silence. The goal: 40 minutes of silence.