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What does it say about me?

I have this habit of scrolling through social media and finding things that make me laugh out loud. Then I will copy them and send them to a small group of friends that have my same dark humor. We all get a good laugh out of it and usually end up in a wild text stream with crazy memes that bring a smile to all of our faces.


Then there are times I will scroll through social media and see something that inspires me or uplifts me. It is usually a quote or a story that makes me think. On those posts I find myself hitting the share button so those that follow me can find the same thought provoking message.


These two behaviors of mine give me pause. I am intentional about what I share out there in public and I am intentional about what I share in private groups with friends. I question why my behaviors seem to be different and what it really says about me.


The things that we share on social media or out of our mouths create a picture of who we are. There are days that I don’t always like this picture and then there are days where I am intentionally aware of how I want others to view me. I think this is a fine line all of us walk and one that in this day and age has become more commonplace. We all have opinions and views that may not align with those we spend a lot of time with and sometimes for fear of upsetting others we keep those views to ourselves and maybe portray ourselves in a way so others will like us. The problem comes when we create a view of ourselves that is not who we are and then are affirmed on this view. In the end, we end up feeling rejected and unloved when in all honesty we just have not shared who we really are with those around us.


I want to encourage you to share your opinions, your views, and your story with those around you. I want to encourage you to create a true and honest picture of yourself by what you share on social media and by your words and actions. But I want to challenge you to share it in a way that you will be heard. To share it in a way that you are not creating conflict but simply telling your story. You have the power to share who you are with the world around you and you have the power to do it in such a way that others will listen. Find your voice and share it honestly.


PS….Another one of my habits on Social Media is to remind those that follow me of every win for the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, because at heart, I am a girl from the Bay Area!