Who We Are

Our Story

Since its inception in 1987, LCS has provided a wide range of confidential professional counseling and consulting services to thousands of Florida residents regardless of race, creed, gender, religion, or national origin. Originally founded by the Lutheran Church and local community leaders, Lutheran Counseling Services has grown into an independent nonprofit providing mental health counseling, training and consulting services to our local community and the nation.

In 2016 Lutheran Counseling Services served more than 700 clients (245 of these were children) and provided 3,500+ clinical sessions. Our qualified professional staff offers a variety of mental health services to those who reach out for assistance.

Our counseling and consultation services include the following:

  • Adjustments to life changes and losses
  • Marital discord
  • Family dysfunction
  • Parenting/grand parenting issues
  • Youth/young adult difficulties
  • Family Mediation service
  • Children Therapy
  • Multiple-Family Groups
  • Life/relational skills
  • Elderly/retirement concerns
  • Trauma (i.e., sexual abuse) survivors
  • Family Growth Programs
  • Pre-Marital Assessments
  • Senior Seminars
  • Psychoeducational, Educational Events
  • Churchworkers EAP Services
  • Staff training & development (i.e., conflict management)
  • Anxiety, Depression, Fears (i.e., intimacy or loneliness)
  • Training/Supervision for Church Workers & Counseling Professionals
  • Screening and Assessment for Candidates for Ministry