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I'm Taking Steps

You might not know this about me but I struggle with pain everyday. It is something that frustrates me and is due to a diagnosis that I never wanted… Fibromyalgia. I don’t talk about it much because for me it feels defeating. When stress is high my body tends to be in pain more often.


For the past two years I was committed to a high intensity workout several days a week. I talked about it often and really loved the community, competition and how it made my body feel. My doctors told me that this kind of workout was not going to be helpful with my diagnosis, but in true Megan fashion I didn’t listen. I was actually doing really well and my body was responding well… until this pandemic hit.


If you have never met me I am a pretty tall, big girl. Mom always used to say, “you have a big frame.” And I do. But it means I have to work at keeping the weight off. Oh, and let’s not even talk about my eating habits! Green things are gross and healthy food is my least favorite.


Well, needless to say stress, plus pandemic, plus homeschooling, plus dogs (I don’t why them but they are part of the chaos) has led to some unhealthy habits and a horrible exercise routine. I would like to just jump back in full force to everything I used to do. But my body doesn’t cooperate. So I am learning to take set goals and take some steps.


This month my goal is to walk 2 miles four times a week and get out in the kayak at least once a week. Food goals are harder for me so I am focusing on water and one healthy choice a day (I said healthy not green!). I don’t get it right everyday, sometimes I fail miserably, but I keep taking steps towards that goal.


I would love to hear what steps you are taking in this crazy world today… steps you are taking for you! Share them with me and we can encourage each other to keep moving forward together!