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A Little Different

Everything just feels different right now. The weekends are different. Easter was different. Shopping is different. It is all just different. I don’t know how you feel when things feel different, but for me it’s a bit uncomfortable. It’s like we are just all walking a little awkwardly, for a bit, and then eventually it starts to feel normal.

That is how growth happens. Things feel a little different for a bit, and then we grow and what at first felt so awkward becomes the new normal. I am sure that’s how things felt for the disciples on those days after Jesus rose from the dead. It must have felt different, even weird. It’s like they were all walking around, giving each other this puzzled look. Almost saying, “Is this real?”

I don’t know about you, but I find myself feeling that same way now. I drive by stores that are closed. I go to the grocery, and things are out of stock. I drive through my neighborhood and see people out that I did not even know lived in those houses. “Is this real?” It all just feels a little different.

For the disciples, they began to own their new normal. Living life without Jesus walking with them, sharing who He was and is to them as they grew in their faith. We can see the other side of their story. We can see how they came out changed.

Today we can’t quite see the other side of what we are living through. We just feel the uncomfortableness as we live life a little differently. But we too will eventually come out different, changed, as we will have grown. It will be a beautiful comeback, and we will be different than before.

We will comeback changed.

A new normal is coming.