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Take off the glasses.

It’s a gloomy day today in Orlando as I write this post. There are storms brewing outside, and the sky is filled with gray clouds. On days like today, it’s easy to see everything through a haze of sadness. There’s a lingering feeling of darkness that seems to hang in the sky and change the way we see the world.

Pandemics can cause this change in vision as well. It may seem that what we are currently going through will never end, that this new way of living is like a dark cloud hanging over us. We may feel confined, bored, frustrated and lonely. These big feelings can affect how we see the world and the people around us. It’s easy for us to get stuck in wearing hazy glasses with a distorted view.

We have to make an active choice to look at things from a different perspective. We have to choose to see the blessings that can come with the dark clouds. We are the ones in charge of how we view the world. We are the ones who choose which glasses to wear each day.

Please hear me. I am not asking you to pick-up rose colored glasses, you know the ones that make you view everything in a positive manner. Some may say that would be the right choice, but that is not what I believe is healthy. Instead, let’s just choose to take the glasses off – the rose colored ones and the hazy ones – for they both distort our view.

We don’t become healthier by taking a positive view in every situation. We become healthier by accepting the view we see today, by being honest about how we feel and then working to see everything as it is.

Today, it’s dark and gloomy in Orlando, and I am aware this will affect my view. My perspective changes from day to day, but that does not mean I have to ride the waves of emotions that come along with it.

Be honest about your view today. Take off all the glasses, and own what you are seeing and how it impacts your day.