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Purpose in Your Step

As I sit and watch my daughter at Volleyball practice the coach is directing them about the importance of your first step. The first step sets the tone for where you are going. It aligns your hips to your target. You have to put a lot of thought into that first step, or the ball will end up going in the wrong direction. 


I think most of the time I am taking a step in a direction without thinking it through and then before I know it I have ended up where I did not intend to be. I have goals and plans for myself but if I am only looking way up ahead I miss where the small steps are taking me. 


We need to pay more attention to each individual step we take. We need to verify that each step aligns with our goals for the future. We need each step to point us to our long term goals. It may seem minuscule at the time but over the long haul each step takes you further down a path and closer to your goals. 


Be intentional this week with each step you take. Pause and take the time to make sure each step points you toward your goals. 


How can you make sure the small steps you take today get you to your long term goals?