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I have never sat down this much in my life! I don’t know about you, but lately at the end of the day, I am able to sit down, on my couch, my favorite spot and just rest. This has not a typical routine in my life. Three kids who are very active, a full-time job, a husband who loves to build and kayak, two dogs that need to run and an extended family that is close by - not to mention a house that often looks like a tornado just rolled through it - are all reasons that I rarely sit . Needless to say, sitting is not one of my pastimes, and I am finding that I do not do it well.

How can you be bad at sitting?? Ok, it’s not the sitting that is killing me, it’s the waiting. Waiting for life to get back to normal…and pondering the question of what this new normal will look like. Oh yes, and wanting to know when that will be. Can you relate?

Have you ever thought about the word “WAIT”? According to Webster’s Dictionary, it’s a verb. A verb! That puzzles me because I don’t feel like I am doing anything when I am waiting. Maybe that is exactly the problem, that I view a period of waiting as a time of inaction, that if I am not moving and physically accomplishing things then there must be something wrong.

The truth is my body needs time to wait, time to rest and reflect. It can be, if I choose to make it, an energizing and rejuvenating time that gives me strength. In order to come out of this period of waiting stronger, I have to view waiting as an action, an intentional step towards health. I have to stop viewing my time spent sitting in a shameful way and feeling guilty about it. I have to recognize that this is what my body needs and that I am actually feeding it by waiting.

My prayer is that after all of this is over, waiting will become a regular practice in my life because I will have seen it’s worth and because waiting will have been what has made me stronger for the new normal that is coming.

Wait, a comeback is on its way, and you will need the strength that comes from waiting.