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The Bounce

When I was younger I ate, slept, and breathed basketball. It was my love all through high school. I mean, I would not go a day without a basketball in my hands. I remembered that whenever my family traveled, I brought a ball… the car, on a plane, even on walks around the neighborhood. I loved the feel of a basketball in my hands, bouncing it on the ground, and shooting it through the net. 

Please don’t get me wrong, I was a post player so not beautiful ball handling skills. Just a tall girl who wasn’t afraid to bump girls around, and I had a pretty decent shot. I don’t play near as much as I used to but put a ball in my hands and it comes back to my brain so quickly. The feel of the game, the touch of the ball, and the thrill of a good rebound with my mother screaming “Box Out!!” in the stands will quickly flood my memory as soon as I touch a ball. 

Our senses are incredible, they can take us back to moments in life that were unforgettable, and most of those moments that are etched in our brain are not easy times. Basketball isn’t a love of mine because it was easy. No, it took work and practice. There were so many growing moments through my time on the court, that is why it is so etched in my memory. The bounce of the ball brings me to a place of comfort - comfort because I grew, comfort because I am capable of overcoming challenges, comfort in the memory of resilience in my life. 

What memories bring you comfort? Where have you grown? How have you been resilient in the past? 

Grab a hold of one of those memories today and be reminded of how resilient you are!