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Just One Step

If you are like me this pandemic has not been helpful for your healthy habits. I find myself thrown off of my routine - not exercising like I should and I am definitely eating more. Is there such a thing as the COVID 20lb gain?? 


When I want to get myself back into a healthy lifestyle I usually find my brain racing way far ahead of me. I start thinking about all the things I want to be… healthier, thinner, happier… and I want those things to happen immediately. I will look at before and after pictures of people that have been losing weight or getting stronger and somehow my brain will assume this can all happen overnight. Hint: It can’t! 


I have to pull my brain back and recognize that transformation is about small steps. When my brain gets ahead of me, wanting to already be somewhere that it is not, my brain is actually sabotaging me. It is self-defeating to only focus on where I want to be. What is healthier for me is to choose one step and take that step each day. When I put it into bite size pieces it is rewarding. 


So this month I am focusing on small steps. 

- Walk a mile a day

- Refill my water bottle 4 times a day. 

- Do my devotion each morning. 

I track my goals in my bullet journal and at the end of the month I will reflect on how many steps I have taken. 


If you are like me and feel that this pandemic has thrown you off of your healthy habits, then I would encourage you to take one small step each day. Celebrate each step because soon you will be able to look back and see how far one step each day has taken you!