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Judas Ate Too

I saw this on Facebook over the weekend and I have not been able to forget it. The assurance these three words give me is just unspeakable. 


Day in and day out I see so many people that carry the guilt of past mistakes, the fear of their failures catching up with them and the weight of their regrets hanging over their head. Our mistakes are heavy and we carry them around with us for far too long. 


Judas is known best for his mistake, his biggest regret, one of the worst betrayals in history. Jesus, from the moment he met Judas knew….He knew what Judas would do. But, Judas was invited to the table, Jesus washed his feet, Jesus fed him the Last Supper. He was not rejected, pushed aside or cut off. He was one of the sheep and even though he strayed he still ate with Jesus. 


As part of our Wellness Journey we will ultimately be met with failure and often time rejection as we seek to change. Wellness is a process and nothing happens overnight. And we will fail along the way but that failure does not mean we are rejected by our Creator. 


 I fail every day. I screw up royally and often feel rejected and guilty. But I always have a seat at the table. Jesus is always willing to welcome me in, with open arms, no matter what I have done. 


I need more people to know that. I need to be the one to share that more often. 


Judas ate too. 


There is always a place at the table for those who fail… won’t be rejected. 


So please come and be fed by your Creator, no matter what you have done!