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The Noise of the Season

This meme makes me chuckle every time I read it. I know that feeling -  just wanting a little stillness, a little quiet. When my kids were smaller this house was a lot noisier. There were giggles, tears, shrieks, fights for attention, loud stories to share, and chaos. It seems as they get older the noise changes. Oh, don’t get me wrong, it can still get loud over here, but it’s in spurts. There are longer times of silence as they sleep in later on the weekends, wear headphones to game in or watch movies, and text their stories to friends and sometimes me (when I am in the same room).


But, when we gather around a table or in the living room the noise increases as stories are shared, their opinions are voiced, and memories are made. I am finding myself drawn to the noise, to the times when it is a little more chaotic, as it is rare here. 


I can’t help but hear the Christmas story and think of Mary’s stress. But this year I found myself whispering to Mary, “Enjoy the chaos of the moment….you don’t know what is to come and how the noise will change.” And the Christmas story reminded me that she did enjoy the chaos; she treasured it all up. So that while Jesus’ life unfolded into a beautiful, yet gruesome story, she had that memory of the manger with all the chaos and noise it brought. 


As we journey into a new year with new noises, I want to be able to soak up each opportunity. The opportunity to find peace in the stillness and memories in the noisy, chaotic moments. I don’t know what is to come, so please let me treasure each moment with all the noise it brings.