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Lutheran Counseling Services of Florida is here to Serve

Lutheran Counseling Services is an outreach of the Lutheran community called to provide quality professional care for persons/family/community through confidential pastoral counseling and consultation. We respect each person’s dignity and worth as a child of God, and share God’s abundant grace as manifested through the love of us by Jesus Christ.

We hope you find our web site interesting and informative.
For more information about our services please call 407-644-4692

Latest Blogs & Updates

Giants in Your Life

Rick Armstrong, D.Min, LMFT Apparently when once asked about fear General Patton replied “I experience fear, but I never take counsel from my fears…” As I think about it, often have I taken “counsel from my fears” and in doing so forgot about the blessings and grace that God wants me to have and live. read on

Grumpy Gratitude

Angela Majors, LMFT, LMHC I recently shared this Upper Room article with a group of older adults who meet monthly to focus on gratitude. Expressing gratefulness during stressful and anxious times – as hard as that might be – can help you adjust, move on, and perhaps begin anew. Although it may be challenging to read on

Returning to Trust

In my own life I well know how hard it is for me to trust that I am loved, and to trust that the intimacy I most crave is there for me. I most often live as if I have to earn love, do something noteworthy, and then perhaps I might get something in return. read on

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