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#IAmStronger Campaign 2020


Lutheran Counseling Services is excited to announce this year’s contest for our #IAmStronger Campaign! Read more about this initiative in The February Counseling Corner Newsletter. Access it using the button at the bottom of this page.)

This year, LCS is focusing on sharing books and other resources in our monthly newsletters to encourage character development and mental health. Now it’s your turn to create a book cover to promote the importance of Inclusion!  Students in Preschool through 12th grade are encouraged to enter their book cover design for a chance to win a prize and spread the importance of inclusion.  #Choose to Include!

Top 3 winners earn a Target gift card

  • 1st place: $50
  • 2nd place: $25
  • 3rd place: $10

Winners will be announced by the end of March and winning book covers will be also be posted on the and shared on our social media pages!


Rules for your Book Cover

  • Your book cover can be created digitally or on paper.
  • Students can work alone or with others, but prizes will be awarded per entry. (Ex: 1 gift card per winning book cover submission)

What to include in your book cover:

  • Title of your book
  • Author(s): First & last name & grade level/age of student(s) completing book cover 
  • Biography paragraph about the author(s) and why inclusion is important to him/her/them (2nd grade and under- parent supported) 
  • Visuals
  • Summary paragraph of the book/story. (2nd grade and under- parent supported)

Entries will be divided into 2 categories: 

  • 2nd grade and younger
  • 3rd grade and up


Book covers should clearly and strongly communicate the importance of Inclusion. Contest entries will be evaluated based on the following 5 categories: (Each category earns 0 to 5 points):

  • Title - Book title is creative and ties to inclusion.
  • Author(s) - First & last name & grade level/age of student(s) completing book cover .
  • Biography - Biography section addresses how inclusion is important to the author(s).
  • Visuals - Visuals are visually pleasing and enhance the importance of inclusion.
  • Summary - Storybook summary highlights how inclusion is important.

Submit your book cover by March 1, 2020

  • A physical copy can be given to the LCS School Counselor at your school


  • E-mail a digital version or picture of your book cover to

Winners will be announced by March 31.