Words, Words, Words...

Words, Words, Words...

Words, words, words…

They are everywhere… bouncing around in our heads, blasting from radio stations, on TV, on podcasts, posted on social media, plastered across billboards, and spilling out of the mouths of those we love.

To quote my husband, “Words have meaning.” He often reminds me of this at the end of a long day as I ramble on with words that don’t have any meaning. But it’s true. Words do have meaning, and they are so powerful.

The meaning is not just in the word - it’s in the sound of the voice, the power of the sentence and the timing with which it’s delivered.

Lutheran Counseling Services is full of words too. They fill our offices, our hallways, and the space between our clients and us. Our homes are filled with words -  as we greet one another at the end of our day, yell at the football game that’s on TV or share our “I love yous” before heading off to bed.

What words are filling your ears or crossing your eyeballs today? What power do they have over the next steps you will take, the way your heart jumps?

Be intentional with your words today. If the stuff flying out of your mouth gets a little messy, take time to clean it up. If the words flying around in your brain are tearing you down, replace them with words that give you hope. And if the words echoing in your ears are leading you towards a path you don’t need or want to be on, then turn off the sound.

Words have meaning. They are powerful. Words matter.