Sometimes we need to pause and look back...

Sometimes we need to pause and look back...

I know looking back is not always what society promote. We often hear the words “just keep pushing forward, full steam ahead, let’s go and move on”. But there is a lot of wisdom in looking back and seeing where you’ve been.

As we close out 2018, it seems appropriate to take a glance back, to look at the footsteps we have left behind us.

This past year may have been filled with joys and blessings for you. Or maybe it has been a difficult year with loss or challenges that you did not see coming.

At LCS we have seen an increase in clients, which on one hand is a great thing as we are able to help more people. But it also means there are more suffering and hurting people entering our doors. This past year we lost a great man, Jon Yergler, who was a member of our Board for several years and had just been inducted as our Board President shortly before he died. After Jon’s death, we took some time as a Board to reflect on his service to LCS and the impact he had on our ministry, the footprints that he had left on our work.

There is a lot to be gained from looking back. So often we can see where God closed a door and opened another. We can see where we should have turned left instead of going right. We can remember those hard times and see the growth that has happened from that experience.

Looking back is important. It reminds us where we have been and shows us how we have grown. When I look back, I see challenges, moments of panic, blessings, smiles…. these are all footsteps that I am glad I took to get to where I am in this moment.

Maybe you are not where you want to be - but you are right where you are. So, pause for a moment, look back at the footsteps you have left behind, take note of how you have grown and the lessons you have learned. Now turn and look forward……there is more growth to come and you will be stronger in those moments because you took the time to reflect on how far you have come.

Make it a regular routine to reflect on where you have been. It is an empowering gift to be able to see how you have grown.