Shut Up

Shut Up

Ok, ok.  I know this is not the kindest way to say this. In fact, in my house if one of my kids yells, “Shut Up!”, they will find themselves in a bit of trouble. It’s not the nicest or most effective way to tell someone to stop talking; however, sometimes I need to hear it.

Sometimes I need to be told to shut up! Not just by anyone…no I often need to hear it from my Heavenly Father. I can get so consumed vomiting words at Him or to Him, mostly confessing or just dumping all that is going on -so much so that I don’t stop talking, like ever!  

I find myself just rambling on and on, never pausing and sitting in the stillness of His presence.

All too often when reading the Old Testament, I am just waiting for God to jump out and send me a message. Tell me something! It is so frustrating, at least to me, that God does not choose to reveal Himself in this way anymore.

Instead, He speaks often in the soft, quiet, stillness. But if I never rest there in the quiet, in the stillness…if I never Shut Up, then I miss Him. Not just Him but the message He is speaking to me today.

To settle my heart and my soul, to just rest, is not always easy for me. The funny thing is that is exactly what I need. Just a moment to shut up, to settle my breath, to breathe Him in and allow Him to speak to me – to speak to me those words of peace and comfort.

I need a reminder. Sometimes I need to be told to “Sit Down, Shut Up, and Pay Attention.” When I don’t hear this message, I forget and then I miss Him.

I don’t want to miss Him.

Just Breathe.  

Shut up!