Intentional Steps

Intentional Steps

I was in the Orlando Airport recently with about 15,000 other people, all trying to get somewhere. As always happens at the airport, there were long lines for checking bags, for security, for boarding, for food, for the bathroom, etc. I often heard people saying, “Man this line is not moving!” Then the line would start to move and people would get excited because progress was happening - or at least that’s what they believed was happening.

Anyone who’s good at crowd control knows how to keep the line moving so people will believe they are making progress. Of course, once you get through the line you realize you have just meandered throughout the airport just to go about 10 steps from where you started. Smart airport people, gullible passengers.

Movement does not always equal progress. Sometimes, for the sake of moving forward, we take extra steps to feel like we are doing something, that we are taking action. But if those steps are not intentional and meaningful, are you really going anywhere?

Recently, my prayers to God have been to take intentional steps forward, even if they take more time. I want to have a purpose for making a decision, for moving in a specific direction. Now I realize that this may mean I often move more slowly than others expect me to move, which can be frustrating to them. I have found more and more that I can deal with the frustration of others when I am rooted in who I am and where I am going.

So I challenge you, as you make decisions in life, as you seek progress and improvement…be Intentional. Take your time. Think it through. Each step is important, and when we take our time to decide to move in a direction, we feel more empowered in our decision.

Intentional progress will take time but it will lead you on amazing journeys to the place God has in store for you.