A Whole New World

A Whole New World

Over the holiday weekend, my family went to see the new Aladdin movie. I love Aladdin, and the new rendition was done well. One of my favorite parts of the movie continues to be the music. In my house, we can sing every word to most of the songs, well Matt can at least.

As I am traveling this week by plane, I am reminded of the different perspective of the world that Aladdin and Jasmine have on that carpet ride. The aerial view really gives a unique perspective of the world. Everything appears the same small size from up there. It is not judged by money or class system...everything is on the same level.

Reminds me of our Heavenly Father’s view of us. I have always been struck by the view God has of the world. He can see it all in one glance. He can see my whole life in one glance. It must look like such a different world to him from up there, and yet he knows how each moment feels for me.

I focus too much on moments, on specific incidents. I mean in one day I can have two conflicting thoughts, “This is a great day!” and “Oh no, this changes everything!” I can think that one moment is life altering. If I would pull back and see life from God’s perspective, the big view, it really would be a whole new world, a whole change in perspective.

There are life altering moments in my life but probably not as many as I think. And in all honesty, they are probably not actually the way I characterize them to be.

I think it might be time for some more carpet rides in my future.

Time to gain new perspectives.

Time to see life as a whole new world…

From God’s view.