Rock the Boat

Rock the Boat

There is a growing trend in my office lately, the fear of rocking the boat. I find so many who shy away from saying what they want to say or expressing how they feel because they are afraid to upset others in their life.

Clearly, from their perspective, it feels like the right thing to do, to not rock the boat. It comes from a very good place, a place of love and concern for the person they are working so hard not to upset; however, this line of thinking and behaving often causes more harm than good.

When we hold in how we feel or what we are upset about, we prevent our relationships from growing. It harms our relationships when others don’t know that we are upset, and it does not allow for resolution to take place.

By holding things in, we cause ourselves more anxiety. Feelings that are not expressed will build up and often bubble at inopportune times. So, by protecting others we are causing ourselves more harm.

It’s important to rock the boat, to address things that are upsetting. This will allow relationships to grow, communication to be enhanced, and resolutions to take place. We may be uncomfortable for a moment, but in the long run we will be healthier individuals with stronger relationships.

Intentionally take time to express what you are feeling, what is upsetting you. Do it in a way that is under control, thoughtful and assertive.

You will be healthier for rocking the boat a bit.