Fresh Starts

Fresh Starts

Seems like it is the season for Fresh Starts. As kids prepare to go back to school, people return from summer vacation and transitions take place, there is a buzz in the air of starting fresh.

New school supplies
New exercise routines
Clothes shopping
Different eating habits
Pick-up schedules
Changing bedtimes
Starting new habits

All of these communicate a new beginning is taking place...that we are starting fresh. A new start gives you permission to change things. Maybe you want this school year to look different than last year. Maybe you want to establish new routines for the morning. Maybe you want a fresh new look when you walk into the office on Monday.

It feels good to start over, to start fresh. All too often we get stuck in old patterns or behaviors. For some reason, we feel like we can’t change or we can’t start over… but we can. We can start fresh each day.

Lamentations 3:23 reminds us that God’s mercies are new every morning. It doesn’t take a drastic change to begin fresh. Each day we wake up, we are made new, and we can start over. Yesterday’s failures or hiccups don’t have to carry over into today. We don’t have to remain stuck in the guilt or the shame of yesterday.

So as you wake up each morning to a new sunrise, a fresh shower and a clean outfit, make a commitment to start over, to start fresh. Each day we can begin again, we can let go of yesterday and choose a fresh outlook for today. Don’t let yesterday hold you back or keep you from moving on.

His mercies are new each morning!

Start fresh today