2020 Resolution Check-In

So, how are you doing with your New Years’ Resolutions? Have they become habit yet? Have you found a new routine that fits you well?

For those of you who have remained committed to New Year’s resolutions, congrats! You have committed to making healthy changes and have kept your commitment to yourself. I would encourage you to celebrate what you have accomplished so far. We all should take a moment and congratulate ourselves when we have stayed committed to a goal and made improvements. Do something healthy for yourself as a way to honor your new found commitment.

If you’re like me, maybe January has been a blur and you are not sure how you are about to land in February. Resolutions? Who has time for those! I am still trying to start this year off and I just can’t seem to get my feet moving in the directions I would like them to. My goals are written out, identified, but clearly the motivation has not arrived yet.

Wherever you are on the pendulum of totally rocking your resolutions or reluctantly walking into February, there is always time to start fresh. They say it takes 21 days to establish a habit, so make the commitment to start now, on a Tuesday, at the end of January. Count out 21 days on the calendar and plan how you are putting those new goals into action or improving on ones you have continued to stay committed to. We don’t need Mondays or new months to make a fresh start; we can choose to start anytime. We just have to choose. And when we accomplish our goals, we must take time to celebrate. We must reward ourselves!