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Vivian Rivera Comas

Vivian Rivera Comas

Vivian is earning her Master's in Clinical Counseling degree from Bellevue University. She is completing her mental health internship at LCS, helping older adults with counseling services and weekly check-ins. She is a native Spanish speaker, so she focuses on helping our Hispanic clients.

Vivian seeks to help the elderly find their meaningful place so that they can live each second to the fullest. She aims to help the elderly regain their important place in families and society, so they can live being treated with dignity, respect, and love.

Vivian has had many roles in her life, which sparked her interest in special needs, homeless, and at-risk populations. She wants to give back through human services. Her experience with technological options (accessibility, computer-assisted communication, assistive technology) strengthens her belief that anyone can do anything with the right tools. In the future, she aims to provide art therapy and role-playing games as group therapy options to develop social and personal skills.

During her spare time, Vivian loves to do scrapbooking, painting, drawing, writing, storytelling, helping others, and enjoying doing “internal tourism” when doing her yearly travels to her homeland Puerto Rico.